Computer Chess Tournaments

The following commands will need to be executed on the ICS server when you logon. Simply type then in your interface console, one at a time.

You can also –> download this package <–, extract, and follow the instructions in directions.txt.

To register your account on the server:

  1. Send an email to with Variant-ICS Registration as the subject.
  2. The body of the email should be in this format: fics_addplayer <handle> “<First M. Last>” <email-address> <human|computer>

Quotation marks MUST be used around the name field.  Do NOT include the <>’s markers in your text; they are used above only to indicate where you need to place information.  If this is a human account, ‘human’ need not be specified; however, ‘computer’ MUST be used if you are registering a computer on FICS (see “computers” help file).

Here are two examples that would register Sparky with the correct name and email information:

  1. fics_addplayer Sparky “Chris L. Petroff”
  2. fics_addplayer Sparky “Chris L. Petroff” human


(1)  PLEASE SELECT YOUR HANDLE CAREFULLY!  We do not change handles for accounts once they have been created.  So choose a handle that you are willing to keep.  If for some reason the handle you want is already taken, you will be notified.  To check in advance whether a handle is already being used, use the “handles” command.  Lastly, your handle must not be offensive!  Offensive handles will be removed.  (See “handle” help file.)

(2)  ONLINE REGISTRATION WILL BE LIMITED.  Email registration provides security for users and reduces mistakes.  Contact an admin about registration if you have difficulties with email registration or if it is impossible.

(3)  Please tell us if you are an FM, IM or GM (master’s titles for international competition).  We can include you on our master’s lists.

To connect:

winboard -zp -ics -icshost -icshelper timeseal -fcp ENGINE.exe -fd ENGINEFOLDER -autoKibitz [-fUCI] or telnet 5000

To set the proper formula and server variables:

set formula unrated & time=50 & inc=3
+ch 64 (Computer Chess channel)

The following are to join the tournament and commands you will use during play:

tell mamer join < — To join the scheduled event
tell mamer who < — shows all participants in the tournament
tell mamer games < — shows the games, their game numbers, and games remaining
tell amamer standings < — This will give you the cross table and standings

I will be controlling the mamer bot on the ICS server and my handle will be PeterS.